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Studio B2.6

Marit Shalem

Marit Shalem's work is related to the topic of artistic and commercial production. A research and a beginning point for initiating sub-projects, writing scripts and producing experimental films. Video work and animation are realized along with series of drawings and storyboards. Shalem, born in Haifa, Israel, 1971, moved to Berlin in 1989 two month before the wall went down. After graduating at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, an exchange period in Glasgow and one in Rotterdam, she has moved to Rotterdam. She works also under the name SpOp. Between 2014-2016 she has curated the film series Layers in WORM, Rotterdam. At the moment she's working on an artist's book titled Storyk and two video projects: Under the Bulge and Broom Groom/Sweeping Solo.

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